The end of our year 2012 marked the beginning of the Sat Yuga – the Age of Truth or the Golden Age. This video covers what is expected to happen, what will definitely not happen, and how you can prepare yourself – both inwardly and outwardly – for the great shifts in consciousness that will come.


Topics covered include:

  • The consciousness portals that will will appear at the end of December 2012, 2018, and again before 2030.
  • What is really meant by the “three earths”: 3rd, 4th, and 5th density consciousness changes; Letting go of what no longer serves us; advances in consciousness; Physical body changes; Life in the ascended state; Going beyond common dramas and traumas
  • Outer changes to our economic, political, social, educational, healthcare, judicial, entertainment, and other systems
  • Popular false beliefs: 3 days of darkness, aliens evacuating the “evolved” souls, World War 3 and other doomsday scenarios.


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What our viewers are saying................

“Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!”  Deepti W. San Diego, USA.


“Thank you for… such an amazing webinar on the Golden Age. The webinar in particular had such an impact on my family and I.” 

                                                                                                                                                         Maya C. Montreal, Canada.


“By God's grace I was able to listen to your Golden Age Workshop yesterday. Very well done.”  Dr. Kusuma K. USA


It was beautiful…. And as I always love u both... U guys made me so happy with all your words and loving presence.” Sudhakar P, USA.