Angelic guidance for parents-to-be

Many, many beautiful souls are waiting to be born into the right family - families that will support their spiritual growth and provide them with a nurturing environment of love and peace. While some of these souls have been called "Indigo", "Crystal", or "Rainbow" children, there are many more great souls waiting to be born who are beyond such labels.


Angelic guidance for parents-to-be is for couples who are planning to conceive. Learn from the angels what you and your spouse can do to prepare yourself for parenthood. Understand the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that need to be resolved prior to conception. The angels will show you how to transform your home and relationships so that you can support these evolved souls who are waiting to be born.


This service is for parents who are planning to have a baby. It is not for parents who are unable to have a child due to medical reasons, or for whom pregnancy would pose a health risk to the mother due to a medical condition. We do not discuss the probable gender of the child, or the child's probable medical condition.


This service is done over the phone.


Fee: For developed countries US $99; for developing countries (including India) Rs. 2,900/