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Kalavahana - Nurturing the Divine Feminine
by devasunlimited on 

Dear Atmaselves,

I would like to share today a wonderful experience with the Kalavahana. Kalavahana is a process from the Sri Vidya tradition. Through this process,
  • You are cleansed/purified
  • The Goddess is invoked in you
  • You are worshiped as the Goddess

It is a very deep healing experience. It begins with invoking the Guru, the Agni kalas, the Surya kalas, the Chandra kalas, the Brahma kalas, Vishnu kalas, Rudra kalas, Iswara kalas, Sadashiva kalas, each corresponding to the major chakras. The different Gods are invoked in the deha (person).

The impact is recalibrating you to the Goddess energy. Abhishekam is performed to the Sri yantra during this practice. In essence, the abhishekam is being performed on you. Finally through intense chanting you are worshiped as the Goddess.

This healing is for both men and women allowing your nurturing aspect to awaken, when you want to experience the divinity within.

When you feel that there is nothing more important than the urge to realize the divinity within you, you are ready for the Kalavahana.

I had a beautiful experience when performing the Kalavahana on an elderly lady who was in the ICU and suffering tremendously. Her family requested for this healing to be performed on her. It was done on her remotely as she was lying on the hospital bed. The energies experienced during this session were phenomenal as the petals of each chakra blossomed, allowing her to feel joyous, whole and revitalized.

This is a deeply cleansing and purifying process. It aligns you with your divine Self. It brings about the balance of the masculine and feminine/Shiva and Shakti within you. In this age, as the Satyuga is beginning, we all need to nurture and balance the divine feminine within ourselves. What a wonderful gift from creation in the form of Kalavahana to be able to do this!

Author: Shivani Sinha Sola

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