Devas Unlimited Academy

The Devas Unlimited Academy is a high level school which exists on the etheric plane, at the 6th-8th dimensions of consciousness. The Academy provides basic through advanced level courses in spirituality taught by the Ascended Masters and Archangels. In addition, numerous services for spiritual acceleration and healing are provided by the Devas. The Academy is open to everyone and is completely free of cost.


The Academy was started by Shivani Sinha Sola in 2009 under the physical guidance of her guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. However, it wasn't until 2012 that we were allowed to open the school to the public (sorry, we are a bit slow).


Structure of the Academy

The Devas Unlimited Academy exists for the benefit of all and is as real as any physical school with buildings. Such high level schools have always been in existence and are used by advanced practitioners to further their attainmnent.


The Academy exists at a plane of creation which is beyond physical forms. Therefore what you see inside its "halls" will depend on your prior conditioning. This is done to allow the images and energies of the Academy to be perceived in a way that is familiar and comfortable. This also means that each person's experience of the Academy will be slightly different from another's.


Within the Academy are classrooms where courses are continuously taught, a huge library, practice rooms for students to work on their newly acquired skills, and special chambers for healing, Cutting Ties work, the seven Sacred Flames of God (Divya Jyothis), and the five secret Flames. Several varieties of acceleration chambers for spiritual growth are also available (see below).


A Deva is assigned to you upon entering the Academy. This Deva will serve as your guide, assess your needs, and lead you to the classes that are most appropriate for you. There is a well designed curriculum that is customized to each soul's requirements and interests. Your Devic guide will also serve as the facilitator for working with specific Ascended Masters, Archangels, other Divine beings, or other aspects of the Academy if required.



The faculty of the Devas Unlimited Academy were handpicked by Sri Sathya Sai Baba and includes the saints and Rishis from all traditions, many well known Ascended Masters, and  the Devas. In addition, there are a much larger number of teachers whose names are not part of our contemporary common knowledge. When needed, guest faculty may be called to teach special classes.


When the Academy was started, Shivani was asked by her guru to personally invite each Master and Archangel He had selected to be a member of the Faculty. Each has graciously agreed to do so.


Class Schedule

Classes are held continuously (on demand) in the following areas:

    • Basic, intermediate, and advanced spirituality
    • Self realization (all aspects and levels up to 8D)
    • Intermediate and advanced meditation
    • Spiritual laws and their practical applications
    • Planetary and universal history (an experiental approach to witnessing and learning from the past)
    • Crystals for personal growth, healing, and energy (crystal powered devices)
    • Astral travel
    • All branches of healing, science, arts, governance, and economics


How to Access the Academy

The Devas Unlimited Academy is located on a high level of the etheric plane of creation, vibrating at the 6th-8th dimensions of consciousness (Christ consciousness and above). There are three ways to access the Academy:


1. While sleeping: At night before sleeping, meditate on the high vibration of the Devas Unlimited Academy for 2-3 minutes and then ask your Devas or God to take you there while your physical body is sleeping. This will be the most frequent route for students to access the Academy for now.


As you will be entering the Academy in your sleep state, you are unlikely to remember consciously what you learned during your visit - or even whether you visited at all. However, rest assured that if your request is sincere, the Devas will take you to the Academy in your astral or light body. The lessons you learn will be retained in a higher level of your consciousness and become available when needed.  Learn more.


2. In meditation: For advanced practitioners, connect with your Godself using the Maypole or other technique. Place your consciousness at the ajna (third eye) or sahasrara (crown) chakra and enter into a state of silence. Ask the Devas or God to take you to the Devas Unlimited Academy. You may feel a sensation of extremely fast travel, or you may simply find yourself inside the Academy within an instant of time.


We find that entering the Academy is much easier when you hold a merkabah crystal in your hand (these help with travel to higher dimensions). Access is also much easier when two people sit together in meditation and connect to God using the Triangle technique, as taught in the Phyllis Krystal method.


3. Astral travel: For advanced practitioners who are adept in astral travel, exit your body in your usual manner. Stabilize yourself and center your energy. Then ask the Devas or God to take you to the Devas Unlimited Academy.


Services within the Academy

Library: Access to the Devas Unlimited Academy library is freely available to each student. Here you can peruse an almost unlimited number of topics at your leisure. The history section is particularly interesting, as you experience past events from a first person point of view - as if you were actually there during the event.


Healing chambers: Individuals who need healing for physical conditions can come here to accelerate their healing after obtaining permission of their Devic guide. Healing begins at the emotional and mental levels before manifesting itself physically.


Divine Love chamber: If you feel lack of love in your life, you can come here and ask for every aspect of you to be filled with divine unconditional love.


The seven Sacred Flames and five Secret Flames: The sacred flames of God (Divya Jyothis) are unlimited in number, but there are several which are of primary importance to surface humans.


Acceleration Chambers: Accleration seats and acceleration chambers rapidly speed up a soul's level of vibration. These can be accessed with the permission of your Devic guide.


Self Chambers:  These are special chambers where you are shown various levels of samadhi (absolute union with God). The experience of being in a Self chamber is beyond description. For advanced students only, with permission from your Devic guide.


In addition, Deva sessions, spiritual detoxification, and personal counseling are available within the Academy (all free, of course). Just ask your Devic guide.