Crystal Grids

Crystal grid for balancing heart, mind, and soul


Crystals help us access higher levels of consciousness and provide a higher vibration for us to live within our homes. Their powerful energies can help us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Crystal grids are precise arrangements of highly charged crystals in sacred geometric forms, dedicated to a particular purpose such as love, relationships, success at work, health, or meditation.


At Devas Unlimited, we create crystal grids for your home and office spaces using different types of crystals. These geometric grids (similar to yantras or mandalas) produce pillars of light or ascension columns which open the body to multi-dimensional awareness and understanding. They are wonderful tools for personal transformatoin.


Once created to your requirements, the grid can be mailed to you, sent to you via a friend, or picked up directly from us (depending on where you live). The grid can be placed on a plate, tray, or other surface for easy cleaning of the surrounding area. Directions with photos for assembly and maintenance are included.


Fee: Rs. 1,800/ plus cost of the crystals.