All of our professional services are provided with utmost integrity, love and respect. These services are given form as per the guidance of the Devas. They are primarily meant to facilitate (with the help of the Devas) personal and spiritual transformation leading to a fulfilling life - transformation in the sense of establishing the correct relationship with your ‘Self’.

Most of these services are also accessible through our Devas Unlimited Academy, which exists at the Astral level.


Deva Session

A Deva session is a channeled meeting with your Devas, intended to immerse yourself in their Divine energies. Experience for yourself what it is like to be connected with the heavenly realms. Learn more.

Special Devic healing classes

The Devas are very keen to help people to release blocks that keep them from connecting with the divine realm. They are eagerly waiting to be called for help. They say that the two main blocks are trauma from abuse and un-forgiveness. Free yourself from the bondage of pain and suffering. Learn more.

Divine Guidance 'Classes' 

The Divine Guidance class is a foundation class designed to share with you how to connect with God and the Devas easily and accurately. These classes are meant to empower you to rely on your own inner guidance. Learn more.

Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) 'Classes'

The Sadhana Classes are designed to help you intensify and prioritize your spiritual practice. Meditations and techniques filled with the intensity of the penance of the Tapasvis and Rishis will be shared in these classes. Learn more.

Devas Academy Session

The Devas Unlimited Academy is a high level school which exists on the etheric plane. In these sessions, we take you to the Academy where you can receive services for spiritual acceleration and healing from the Devas and Masters. Learn more.

Spiritual Detoxification

With the guidance from the Devas, we have developed a powerful method for spiritual detoxification. We use specially charged crystals, light, healing sound of the Archangels to cleanse and charge each chakra and the entire aura. Each crystal is charged and programmed for purification and raising consciousness. Specially designed energy devices amplify the energy created by the crystals and enhance the detoxification. Learn more.

Advanced Spiritual Detoxification

In the Advanced detox method, we use charged and programmed crystals for purification and raising consciousness. This service involves an intense chakra tune up. Learn more.

Deva Session for Children

Many bright souls have incarnated as children and - just like a flower - are beginning to blossom. Deva Sessions for children are designed to help the child in a manner that is developmentally appropriate for the child's age. Ideal for spiritually aware chlidren ages 8 and above living in spiritually aware families.  Learn more.


Soul Retrieval with Ruth Harris

During times of trauma, fear, or abuse, a part of us - a part of our soul - may leave the body to escape the painful experience. Unfortunately, these soul fragments can remain "stuck" outside of ourselves, never growing properly. Soul retrievals are an advanced Native American shamanic practice in which these missing or lost parts of yourself are found and re-integrated back into your being. They are ideal for people who are feeling stuck, lost, or unable to move past a particular issue. Learn more.


House/Office Clearing

Improve the vibration of your home, office, factory, or land with a clearing. During a clearing we remove disharmonious energy from the property and energize the premises so that it becomes a blessing for all who live or work there. Learn more.


Crystal Grids

Charged and energized crystals help us access higher levels of consciousness through their powerful energies. Crystal grids are precise arrangements of highly charged crystals in sacred geometric forms, dedicated to a particular purpose such as love, relationships, success at work, or meditation.  They can be used in your bedrooms, altar, or office. Learn more.


Angelic guidance for parents-to-be

Planning to have a baby? Wondering how you will raise your child in today's complicated world? How can you help him or her reach their highest Divine potential? The angelic realm is waiting to guide you. Learn more.

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