Soul Retrieval with Ruth Harris

During times of trauma, fear, or abuse, a part of us - a part of our soul - may leave the body to escape the painful experience. Unfortunately, these soul fragments can remain "stuck" outside of ourselves, never growing properly. Symptoms of soul loss include:


    1.   A feeling of being lost or incomplete

    2.   Inability to move past an issue

    3.   Feeling disconnected from life

    4.   Feeling numb, can not feel a full range of emotions

    5.   Something is missing from life

    6.   Feeling shattered, in pieces


Soul retrieval is a Native American shamanic practice in which the missing soul parts are returned to you in an integrated, healing fashion. These are very powerful sessions which require a lot of experience and maturity from the practitioner. Ruth Harris has been practicing these techniques for years and now provides them through Devas Unlimited.

The benefits of a soul retrieval are permanent, but the exact benefits depend on the individual and which soul fragments were missing and subsequently returned.  Previous clients have found a greater ability to make the right decisions; a sense of being more present; the ability to move past an insurmountable issue; the return of hope; increased self-confidence; or an ability to begin dealing with grief....  Ruth cannot tell you in advance what will come from the soul retrieval, but you will get an idea of what to expect based on the soul fragments that are found and returned.  The soul retrieval frequently completes a healing process or begins a new path of healing and growing.


Soul retrievals are offered by phone or in person with Ruth Harris. The fee is US $99. For those living in India or other developing countries, the fee is Rs. 3,000. Contact Ruth at or phone (828) 837-8383 (USA).