• Talks by Lightstorm (Johnima and Kalassu )

About Lightstorm

Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate, internationally known as Lightstorm, have devoted their entire lives to singing and bringing joy to people all over the world. By the constant practice of controlling and silencing the mind, they have connected with the ultimate truth of many aspects of this Creation. Through simple and practical methods that can be incorporated into daily life, Johnima and Kalassu have always shared new ways of finding joy and happiness through daily life experiences, relationships and inner conflicts. Lightstorm have presented thousands of workshops, retreats, music shows, and seminars on every continent around the world.

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Satsangs with Johnima and Kalassu

  • Talks by Sri Achyut Chetan Brahmachari (language: Hindi)

About Sri Achyut Chetan Brahmachari

Lovingly addressed as Guruji, Sri Achyut Chetan Brahmachari is a renunciate and has his ashram in Rishikesh (Uttar Pradesh, India). He shares with his followers as well as interested sadhakas, his pearls of wisdom and practices. He visits several parts of India to share his knowledge and practices.

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Satsangs with Sri Achyut Chetan Brahmachari

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  • Panel Discussion on Radio Sai by Shivani Sola and Angela Dickenson.
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     Transcribed version of the discussion.


  • Talk by Dr Srikanth Sola and Shivani Sola at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai, June 2013.

      Beyond Freedom by Dr Srikanth and Smt Shivani Sola

  • Talks by Dr. Srikanth  Sola at the Northeast Region Sailent Retreat, USA, October 2012.

      "Part 1: Inner Purity"

      "Part 2: Self Realization through Wisdom"

      "Part 3: Self Realization through Love and Service"

      "Part 4: How to Chant Omkar"

      "Part 5: Putting it All Together"

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