6 February 2018

Maintain Ananda and Gratitude

Maintain Ananda & Gratitude All of us are buffeted about by unwanted thoughts, vasanas (tendencies), and vrittis (disturbances of the mind). One easy way to quieten this storm, to silence the monkey mind – and enter into stillness – is to maintain a state of Ananda (bliss) and gratitude. Simply recollect any moment in your …

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Enjoy Infinite Abundance

Enjoy Infinite Abundance Everything that you need for your Divine life purpose is continuously offered to you. What would you like to have more of? Anything you can think of is provided for you – the key is to stay in steady contact with your Higher Consciousness through prayers and meditation, and then take action …

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A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience

A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience Kalavahana is a very deep healing process from the ancient Sri Vidya tradition. The process involves Cleansing/purifying you Invoking the Goddess in you Worshipping you as the Goddess It begins with invoking the Guru, the Agni kalas, the Surya kalas, the Chandra kalas, Brahma kalas, Vishnu kalas, Rudra kalas, Iswara kalas, …

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