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  • 4 Crystals to build emotional & mental immunity during the Unlocking

    After months of settling into what perhaps felt like a never-ending lockdown from the pandemic, there is hope as...

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  • The ‘Hammer Strikes’ we are willing to take!

    The ‘Hammer Strikes’ we are willing to take! How many hammer strikes are needed to drive a nail into...

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  • Wisdom Bites – Dharma

    धर्मस्य मूलं अर्थः THE BASIS OF ETHICS IS RESOURCES Continuing from the first sutra – ‘Sukhasya Mulam Dharmaha’ –...

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  • Do you have the Right Foundation?

    A good construction or building is one that has a solid foundation. Ever wondered why we have to dig...

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  • Being in the flow blog image

    Being in the Flow is Effortless

    Dreaming, creating, wanting, liking is all done by the mind. For the mind to work it needs a name...

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  • projection image for blog

    Stop Projecting Name and Form

    Stop Projecting Name and Form Most of us suffer from the ‘dis-ease’ of “I am the body” consciousness. ⁣...

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  • Orgonite Pyramid at Love Rocks Devas Unlimited

    Crystal Visions

    Did you know that a Crystal chooses you as much as you choose it? It’s true. Each crystal comes...

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  • Emerging from the Cocoon

    Have you ever seen how magnificent a butterfly looks? The colors, the texture of the wings, the intricacy of...

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  • Does your Love Rock poster

    Does your ‘Love’ ROCK?

    Love certainly Rocks! Doesn’t it? Now, before you go thinking, that was a nice marketing tag-line for ‘Lock Rocks’,...

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  • Right consuct is the basis for happiness as stated in Chanakya Sutras

    Wisdom Bites – Happiness

    History is full of eminent people who have inspired and motivated us with their exemplary works both at a...

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