Being in the Flow is Effortless

Being in the Flow is Effortless
May 26, 2020 Devas Unlimited
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Dreaming, creating, wanting, liking is all done by the mind. For the mind to work it needs a name and form. It does not understand abstract intelligence, it can’t go past the name and form.

Breathing, talking, being aware all is ‘doing’, the mind can’t get out of it either. If the mind doesn’t like the current experience, it creates another experience and the machine goes on. It wields power over you in this way. The mind deludes you into believing you are a part of God and not God. It always comes in between you and divinity. The ego-mind believes that it is God, and we don’t exist without it.

Whenever it goes to the past or future, it is taking over. When you are fully in the moment, the mind is not in control, so learn to be in the moment. To be in flow is no effort as one is in the moment. To step into the flow is the effort and that is part of the game.

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