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Wisdom Bites – Dharma

धर्मस्य मूलं अर्थः THE BASIS OF ETHICS IS RESOURCES Continuing from the first sutra – ‘Sukhasya Mulam Dharmaha’ – Chanankya in the second sutra says that the basis of right action is resources. It implies that the conduct of Dharma is not possible until one has the means or resources to fulfill the basic needs …

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Do you have the Right Foundation?

A good construction or building is one that has a solid foundation. Ever wondered why we have to dig deep before starting a high-rise building? The engineering wisdom is that the taller the structure, the deeper should be the foundation stone. While this is definitely a phenomenal intelligence that we can apply to things outside …

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Being in the Flow is Effortless

Dreaming, creating, wanting, liking is all done by the mind. For the mind to work it needs a name and form. It does not understand abstract intelligence, it can’t go past the name and form. Breathing, talking, being aware all is ‘doing’, the mind can’t get out of it either. If the mind doesn’t like …

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