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Stop Projecting Name and Form

Stop Projecting Name and Form Most of us suffer from the ‘dis-ease’ of “I am the body” consciousness. ⁣ We cling to the ideas of “I am the body”, “I am this personality”, “I am my feelings and my thoughts”, “I am the sum total of all my memories”… and so on. Look closely – …

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Orgonite Pyramid at Love Rocks Devas Unlimited

Crystal Visions

Did you know that a Crystal chooses you as much as you choose it? It’s true. Each crystal comes into your life to serve a unique purpose in your journey. However, it’s only when you connect to the Crystal’s energy (the Deva) that it can work for you. So, here are a few tips to …

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Emerging from the Cocoon

Have you ever seen how magnificent a butterfly looks? The colors, the texture of the wings, the intricacy of the symmetry, all of it makes us wonder about the masterpiece of creation. While this is delightful to even contemplate, have you ever seen the birthing of a butterfly? Especially during the cocooning process? It will …

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Does your Love Rock poster

Does your ‘Love’ ROCK?

Love certainly Rocks! Doesn’t it? Now, before you go thinking, that was a nice marketing tag-line for ‘Lock Rocks’, hold on! Read that again. We seek ‘love’ in every relationship, more so our intimate relationships. And we all know that Love usually blossoms in relationships when there is a surplus of trust and acceptance. So, …

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Right consuct is the basis for happiness as stated in Chanakya Sutras

Wisdom Bites – Happiness

History is full of eminent people who have inspired and motivated us with their exemplary works both at a personal and spiritual level. One such ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, and royal advisor was Chanakya. Chanakya’s most well-known work is the Arthashastra which contains 528 sutras (aphorisms) for administration, economics and household finance. His Sutras …

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