Devi Retreat Feb 2019

Please join us for

The Devi Intensive Retreat

Feb 8th – 10th

The Devi Intensive Retreat is a unique 2-day guided exploration of the Shakti within you, to anchor yourself in the awareness of the Divine Feminine.

In the nurturing embrace of Mudumalai, spiritual seekers have the opportunity to revel in collective sadhana and experience the shakti and oneness that already is

The Retreat includes:

– Sadhana sessions that can be soul stirring and deeply transformative

– Trek in the jungle with the only sounds being that of the animals

– Sound healing sessions

– Satsangs – interacting with amazing likeminded seekers

You will leave with a renewed & new sense of yourself. You may not be the same again.

Save the Dates: February 8th (late afternoon) to February 10th (late morning)

Place: Whispering Willows, Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu, India

Fee: INR 15,000 or USD 240 (fee is not inclusive of travel costs)

Download the Brochure (click on the link below)

The brochure contains details about the sadhana during the two-day retreat, registration process, and routes to the resort.

Devi Retreat Brochure

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Seats are limited. For queries email us at [email protected] or whatsapp on +91 7259258941