Devic Summer Retreat Apr20

Devic Summer Retreat

We are happy to invite you to

The Devic Summer Retreat

An Inner Pilgrimage towards Being Fearless!

Apr 28 – May 3, 2020

This Summer join us on a Shakti-filled Devic Retreat, to the Holy Shrine of Goddess Shri Mata Vaishno Devi, at the Winter Capital of Jammu!

Nestled in the Trikuta hills in Jammu, the Holy cave temple of Goddess Vaishno Devi, is a must visit for all spiritual seekers! Goddess Vaishno Devi, is the manifestation of the Three Divine Shaktis – Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswathi. And, therefore, is known as the Supreme Divine Feminine, Adi Para Shakti! She is lovingly called upon as ‘Mata’ or simply ‘Maa’ (meaning Mother), and grants her devotees with strength and many blessings.

An opportunity to see Mata Vaishno Devi is an occasion to rejoice, as it is strongly believed that no one visits the Sacred Shrine without Her call. In Hindi it is said “Maa ka bulawa aaya hai”, meaning the Mother’s divine call has finally come.

The Story of Mata Vaishno Devi and Bhairon Nath:

The legend has it that during Treta Yuga, when the Earth was overburdened with the merciless cruelties of demonic forces, Goddess Vaishno Devi was created from the combined energies of the three Divine Shaktis! Later, the Goddess took upon a human incarnation – a female named Vaishnavi – to continue to protect Mother Earth and Her inhabitants. Even as a child, Maa Vaishnavi was deeply immersed in the worship of Lord Vishnu. In order to win over His heart, she left home at a young age to perform intense penance or sadhana. Pleased, the Lord (incarnated as Rama at the time) appeared and granted her the boon that He would marry her in his tenth incarnation as Lord Kalki, during the Kali Yuga. Until then He asked her to wait on the Trikuta Mountain, and gave her a troop of His monkey army to protect her.

As she waited for Him, she spent her years in meditation and also solved the problems of many with her divine powers. This had threatened a local Tantric, at the time, who sent his disciple Bhairon Nath to find out about her powers. However, struck by her impeccable beauty Bhairon Nath, in his ignorance, began to lustfully stalk her. To avoid his attention, Vaishnavi entered a cave and continued her meditation in there for nine months – similar to how a child would be in the protection of the mother’s womb. When Bhairon Nath persisted and disturbed her penance, Maa Vaishnavi assumed the form of Maha Kali and beheaded him with her Trident (or Trishul).

Realizing the truth of Her identity, and so his mistake, the now headless Bhairon Nath sincerely begged for her to forgive him. Seeing him genuinely repent, Maha Kali abandoned her rage and returned to her compassionate self. Maa Vaishnavi mercifully granted Bhairon Nath liberation from the cycle of reincarnation, and also a boon that he would be enshrined as her Guardian. Thereafter, she returned to her cave and assumed the form of three tall rocks (Holy Pindies). The Pindies represent Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswathi, respectively, which now form the sanctum sanctorum of the Sacred Shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi.

Spiritual Significance of visiting the Holy Shrine:

♦ Embarking on the Mata Vaishno Devi Pilgrimage has tremendous implications especially for the journey of a spiritual seeker! Traveling to the Mother’s abode, is symbolic of you anchoring yourself in your Divine consciousness, leaving aside ALL FEARS!

♦ Vaishno Devi is a very powerful Shaktipeeth (abode of Shakti). The three forms of the Devi bestow grace in the following ways:

– Mother Kali represents that aspect which destroys all illusion. She casts darkness  over worldly desire making seekers oblivious to the transient externals, and instead being totally Self-contained. She removes fear due to attachment.

– Mother Lakshmi represents the abundant or infinite nature of Shakti. She destroys all sense of lack and helps you be the abundant Self. She removes fear due to lack.

– Mother Saraswati represents purity and knowledge of the Self. She illuminates the minds of seekers and helps them discriminate between what is REAL and what is not. Removes fear that is perceived due to separation.

♦ Above all, traveling with a group of spiritual seekers, and coming together in spiritual communion, is bound to have massive ripple effects in Creation and benefit all of it greatly.

So, what are you waiting for, dear Atmaself? Take this chance to ascend into the highest vibrations of the Supreme Divine Feminine.

Don’t miss it!

Location: Holy Shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi, Jammu

Venues: The group will stay at

1) Hotel Hari Nivas Palace in Jammu

2) Hotel Maa Gayatri in Katra

Dates: April 28th – May 3rd, 2020

Retreat Fee: INR 35000 or USD 540

Chopper Fee: INR 3500 or USD 55

Total fee with chopper option:  INR 38500 or USD 595 (Fee DOES NOT include travel expenses to and from Jammu)

Total fee with without chopper option: INR 35000 or USD 540 (Fee DOES NOT include travel Expenses to and from Jammu, and pony/palki cost)

IMPORTANT: Chopper booking opens on March 1st and choppers are limited. Thousands of people come online for the booking at the same time. To enable us to book choppers without difficulty and in order that you don’t have to forgo the option of taking the chopper, PLEASE REGISTER by FEB 29th.

Important Points to note:

Participants must make travel arrangements to the Hotel Hari Nivas Palace, the venue in Jammu. Registration fee does not include these expenses. Our team can help you figure out routes, bookings etc.

Hotel accommodation and vegetarian food will be provided to all registered participants. As this is a spiritual retreat, smoking, alcohol and non-vegetarian food is not allowed.

Travel options from Katra to the Mother’s shrine, are

1) Choppers: Choppers will carry you from the foothills of Katra, uphill to ‘Saanjhi Chhat’ Helipad; from there, the main Temple is around 2 kilometres. You may choose to walk the distance or book Pony, Palki or E-Rickshaw. We can help you to get these services on the spot, at your cost. Note that Choppers are subject to availability, so please REGISTER IMMEDIATELY!

2) You may choose to walk the trek of 12.5 kilometres stretch uphill or book a pony or palki ride at the foot hills of Katra on the spot all the way upto the main Temple at your cost. Retreat fee DOES NOT include this cost. Palki fee is about INR 4500 both ways.

NOTE: It is preferable to take chopper as that way the entire group can go into the Mother’s abode together. The chopper drops you uphill in 5 minutes, whereas the trek/pony/palki would take anywhere between 3-5 hours. Therefore, groups doing the trek or taking palki/pony will have to go into the temple at a different time from those taking the chopper. We will designate a member from our team to be with each group i.e, the chopper group, and the pony/palki/trek group/s.

Chopper and hotel bookings are non-refundable. Hence, in case of any cancellation, amount balance after deducting chopper fee, hotel charges and any other non-refundable charges, will be refunded. All refunds will be done after the retreat is over.

In case you’d like to bring your dependent children (below 16 years of age) to the retreat, you will have to make arrangements for their care taking during the meditation sessions as we will not be able to arrange for any caretakers.

All necessary precautions are taken to ensure the absolute safety and well-being of every participant. At the same time, participants will be expected to cooperate, and follow the trip plan as organized by the Devas Unlimited team.

The retreat is not open to anyone suffering from any kind of depression, anxiety or behavioral/mental disorder. All members are expected to maintain decorum and good behavior during the retreat. Anyone resorting to any misbehavior or violence will be expelled from the retreat and no refund will be made. In case there are any lapses from our end, we will sort out matters immediately. At the same time, we request participants to cooperate to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. 

For any queries, you may whatsapp us on +917859258941 or +919515104439 or call our Asst. manager Rama at +91 9708945034 or email us at [email protected]


Pay INR 38500 (inclusive of chopper fee and excluding travel costs)

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Pay USD 595 (inclusive of chopper fee and excluding travel costs)

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Pay INR 35000 (for those who wish to trek or take a pony/palki and excluding travel costs)

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Pay USD 540 (for those who wish to trek or take a pony/palki and excluding travel costs)

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