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  • 5 February 2023
  • Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM

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Devi Argala Sadhana

Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM
5 February 2023


Devi Argala Sadhana

Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM
5 February 2023



This Devi Navratri, let the Eternal Divine Feminine shine through, as you worship the absolutely fearless, supremely powerful and most loving Adi Shakti who resides within You!

The Devi Argala Sadhana is a unique and auspicious 3-day event, during which we worship the Divine Mother, to help us realise the Primordial Feminine Principle that dwells within You. The term ‘Argala’ stands for impediments or obstructions. During these 3 days, we will seek the blessings of the Goddess’ to nurture in us the qualities of fearlessnessconfidence and absolute inner clarity, and eliminate every obstacle in your path to realise your true divine Self.

Through the Devi Argala Sadhana,
1. Dive deep into the different forms of the Supreme Shakti within yourself, through the Devi Rahasya.
2. Harness your inner strength as you protect yourself from all forms of impediments through the Devi Kavach.
3. Lose yourself in the bliss of the Adi Shakti as you meditate on the Her enchanting form.

The Supreme Shakti is waiting to empower, and spark within you the spirit of unconditional joy, positivity, perseverance through every step of your journey!

So join us in 3 days of sheer joy and bliss, a very special opportunity to spend the final 3 days of Devi Navratri in the most heavenly way possible!






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