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  • 21 October 2023
  • Saturday, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

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Mahavidya Mahatmyam Retreat

Saturday, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
21 October 2023



This Dusshera, awaken your inner goddess and embark on a path to self-realization like never before! 

We are back with yet another deeply joyful & spiritually nourishing day-retreat, the Mahavidya Mahatmyam – where we delve deep into the glorious heart of the Das Mahavidyas!

In this one-of-a-kind retreat we will come together to celebrate & contemplate on the Glory & infinite loving essence of the Das Mahavidyas – the ten magnificent forms of the Divine Feminine Consciousness.

Through beautiful rituals, powerful meditations & music that rekindles the soul we go on a journey of deep healing, inner empowerment, and enlightenment. And what better time than during the Dussehra Navratris, when the atmosphere is resplendent with celebration, devotion permeates the very air, and an extraordinary spiritual aura beckons seekers to their Inner Goddess Self.

Benefit of Das Mahavidya Sadhana:

  • Each of the Das Mahavidyas represents a state of inner awakening within you, intent to guide a spiritual seeker to ultimate liberation.
  • They help destroy negative tendencies that are a hindrance to your spiritual growth.
  • They help attain victory even in seemingly impossible situations, and bring love, joy, harmony, & supreme healing (emotional, mental, physical).
  • They bless devotees with gifts of abundance, prosperity, and highest protection.
  • Doing this Sadhana during the Dusshera Navratris opens a potent gateway to Self-discovery and inner illumination.

How DU retreats benefit you?

  • Beautiful Satsangs – You meet a company of like-minded spiritual seekers, and have meaningful conversations.
  • You have a peaceful environment charged with so much devic love & beauty, so you can effortlessly disconnect from your busy life and find inner calm.
  • This is an amazing opportunity for you to heal, rejuvenate and foster a deeper connection with yourself, in every sense.
  • You learn wonderful tools of Self-reflection, meditation & more, that help you in your journey of inner growth and spiritual advancement.
  • And it’s simply so much fun!  

When there’s an opportunity so ripe to go within and seek the timeless truths of the Self – we strongly recommend you don’t miss it! 😉 We invite you to join us on this sacred journey to into the depths of your true Shakti Self, in the sanctuary of your own Heart. ❤️

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     Payment in INR: ₹750

     Payment in USD: 40$ 


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