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  • 5 February 2023
  • Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM

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Shyamala Mahavidya Workshop

Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM
5 February 2023



This Shyama Navratri, start the year beginning to worship Devi Shyamala!

Shyamala Devi or Goddess Shyamalai is also known as Devi Matangi, Raja Matangi, Sri Raja Shyamala, Maha Mandhirini.

The Devi Mātaṅgī is the ninth of the 10 great vidyās. Mātaṅgī is greenish in color, dark in complexion so another of her names is Śyāmalā. She’s the Queen of Mantras and is skilful in getting a person into that mindless state.

“Mātaṅgī is the māntriṇi of Lalitā. She is also the ākarṣaṇa (attraction to and from the divine) and vaśya (the being state) pradhāna dēvatā. They are projected into five places along the vertical axis of the body, which, in some cases, correspond to the locations of the inner chakras implying that they mark stages in the ascent of Kuṇḍalinī through them.

When one has systematically eliminated all notions of multiplicity, then duality alone remains—and this, too, she demolishes in the end. With Mātaṅgī, the focus it is on intelligible, manifest sound. The primordial throb (ādya spanda)—which originates by the self-volition of the Supreme—starts a series of vibrations that take the “form of nāda (sound). This is the Eternal Word, the source of all manifestation.The worship of Mātaṅgī leads one to the realization of Lalitha.

Benefits of worshiping Devi Shyamala.

  1. She provides the blessings of Jnana(Knowledge) and fulfillment of all our wishes.
  2. Children or students may get benefited by becoming well versed in studies and all other undertakings of life.
  3. Helps to remove our old karmic sins, mistakes, errors, and bondage of past life.
  4. Cures long-term disease and blesses with long life and progeny.
  5. She is the representation of 64 arts (Aaya kalaigal arupathu naangu)and bestows her grace on making a person attain proficiency in poetry, music, dance, all fine arts, and respective chosen field on an individual.

Join us in 3 days of sheer joy and bliss, a very special opportunity to spend the 3 days of Devi Shyamala in the most heavenly way possible!

People from all age groups are welcome.




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