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  • 5 February 2023
  • Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM

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Spiritual Parenting

Sunday, 2:44 AM to 2:44 AM
5 February 2023



Spiritual Parenting: Transforming ourselves, empowering our children

How do we raise self-reliant kids? How can we bring up children who grow up with values, have initiative, understand compassion, and a sense of connection to their higher selves? Children who rapidly recover from setbacks and learn from them?

Join us on Saturday, 17th June 2023, and 24th June 2023 at 18:00 – 19:00 hrs IST followed by 15 minutes Q&A session   for a two-part workshop on Spiritual Parenting with Dr. Srikanth Sola and Mrs. Shivani Sinha Sola. You will learn how to navigate today’s complex parenting demands by transforming yourself and empowering your children.

Key topics include: 

Before conception and during pregnancy:

  • The six types of children, from a karmic perspective

  • How the mother can instill positive traits in the child during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

Early to mid childhood:

  • Inculcating values: An age-appropriate guide

  • How to get your children to listen without yelling

  • Cutting the Ties that Bind for grade and middle school children: Core practices

  • Role modeling and role plays: Key exercises

  • Handling gadgets and online pressures: Practical advice

The teenage years: 

  • Toxic parenting mistakes that make teens shut you out

  • Communication hacks that help you connect

  • Handling sexuality, pornography, drug/alcohol use, and peer pressure

  • Inculcating values without lecturing or getting preachy

  • Cutting the Ties that Bind for high schoolers: Core practices

  • Role modeling and role plays with your teenager

Young adult children: 

  • How parents unknowingly earn bad karma with their adult children, and how to stop it

  • Your most important job as a parent

The key to being a great parent

  • It all starts with you: Self awareness and self love.

This is a workshop for parents who are on the spiritual path of any religion. It is not necessary for both parents to be on a spiritual path in order to attend. Would be parents, Parents and Grand parents can attend.





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