Golden Age


What happened to the Golden Age? How has your inner world changed in the past few years? What is your personal vibration?

We are undoubtedly living in a time when the planet Earth is undergoing a great transformation. For decades, the Earth, with the help of Devic powers, has been going through the process of rejuvenation and returning to equilibrium. During this period of transformation, as Mother Earth shakes off all the imbalance, there will be many intense changes before the Earth is in total alignment with the harmony of the Universe.

At a personal level, it is not difficult to see how much has gone out of balance in our lives. In some way or  the other, we have disconnected from the flow of pure Divine love within us.  But as the Earth transforms, we are in an era that presents great opportunities for awakening and operating from a higher consciousness which only brings joy.

Individually, to resonate with the outer Golden Age it needs to manifest within first. As we all choose to work on ourselves, everyone together co-creates the outer Golden Age. By removing all negativity, fear, attachment, violence from within, and connecting ourselves only with the vibration of pure LOVE and LIGHT (the essence of the source), we bring in the Golden Age.

In this talk, we will share the keys to open our minds and hearts to new possibilities and changes, to unleash our highest potential not only spiritually but also in our physical existence. It is the collective creative strength to actualize the possibilities that co-creates a Golden Age – one that is filled with love, peace, happiness, non-violence, righteousness, and truth.


Date: October 27, 2018

Time: 17.30 hrs IST to 19.00 hrs IST

Venue: Sai Lakshmi Industries, Whitefield-Hoskote Road, Kannamangala

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Attend in-person

Fee: INR 350

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