Angel Aura Quartz

Healing Properties

Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver, exhibiting a light blue, rainbow, and silvery iridescence.

The stone carries a very loving and sweet energy, stimulating the spirit and elevating one’s mood. Meditating with this crystal allows one to enter a state of serenity and peace, purification, and rest. It also helps in perceiving and receiving help from angels and spirit guides. It enhances loving communications and healing situations. It is great for dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias.

$ 15.84 incl. GST

Product Details

Color:  Light Blue to Light Aqua

Length: 2-5 inches (approx.)

Width: 2-2.5 inches (approx.)

Height: 2-3 inches (approx.)


1. Individual features such as color, texture and formation may vary slightly from product images. This is
because each piece is a natural formation of Mother Earth.
2. Product size/dimensions are approximate.
3. Props used in the product images are not part of the product.

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