Charoite Round Beads Bracelet

Healing Properties

Charoite is a stone for this golden age. It provides for a synthesis between the heart and crown chakras and combines the higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love from the physical plane. It allows one to recognize, to integrate, and to understand those attributes exhibited on the physical plane which are thought to emit a negative vibration; hence, facilitating the acceptance of others, regardless of the development and/or actualization level in which they appear.

This mineral provides for transmutation of negativity and for grounding to the spiritual self. It can be useful in cleansing the auric body, filling the chakras with a loving spiritual emotion of purity, and in assisting one in comprehension of self- inflicted “lessons”. It enhances ones “giving” nature, opening the heart to allow one to “see” with love, and to recognize the connection between “All”. range is from It awakens analytical abilities and precision, providing for scrutiny in the investigation of the unknown.

It instills a “brotherhood of light” between the individual, the dualities, and the total environment of the planet; hence, promulgating the idea of relationships and stimulating flexibility with respect to “letting go”. n the activities of all information It sustains ones attention span, allows for discrimination between validity and fiction, and helps one to realize that has one door closes, another opens”. It is a “stone for transformation”, within this world, and from this world to another.

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Color:  Light Purple


1. Individual features such as color, texture and formation may vary slightly from product images. This is
because each piece is a natural formation of Mother Earth.
2. Product size/dimensions are approximate.
3. Props used in the product images are not part of the product.

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