Golden Rutile (6mm) Japamala

Healing Properties

Golden Rutile is used for healing and balancing the aura via repelling negative energy. It affects the physical, etheric and astral bodies.
It assists one in getting to the root of the problem and hence provides for access to the reason of a dis-ease so that one can remedy the situation.

It is a stone for stabilizing relationships, marriages, mental processes. emotional & physical imbalances.


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Color: Light Yellow

Length: 17 inches

Size – 6mm

No. of beads: 109


1. Individual features such as color, texture and formation may vary slightly from product images. This is
because each piece is a natural formation of Mother Earth.
2. Product size/dimensions are approximate.
3. Props used in the product images are not part of the product.


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Weight 60 g
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