Harmony Support Kit

The Harmony Support Kit – Balancing Your Energy with the Power of Natural Stones

Are you looking for the perfect way to clear your mind and balance your energy? Look no further than the Harmony Support Kit, made up of natural stones to promote emotional and physical well-being. Let’s explore the benefits and unique qualities of each stone in this kit.

Amethyst – Soothing and Protective

Amethyst is a stunning purple stone that is known for its calming and protective qualities. It’s believed to help soothe anxiety and promote a deeper, more restful sleep. Amethyst is also said to help protect against negative energy and provide a sense of spiritual clarity.

Clear Quartz – Amplifying Energy and Clarity

Clear Quartz is a pure and powerful stone that is believed to amplify energy and promote mental clarity. It’s also believed to help with focus and memory. Some people even use Clear Quartz to help with decision-making and problem-solving.

Rose Quartz – Love and Compassion

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone that is associated with love and compassion. It’s believed to help heal emotional wounds and promote self-love and forgiveness. Many people use Rose Quartz to attract love and deepen relationships.

Lapis Lazuli – Inner Wisdom and Intuition

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful blue stone that is said to help tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. It’s believed to help with communication and self-expression, as well as provide protection and relieve stress.

Tourmaline Black – Grounding and Purifying

Tourmaline Black is a dark, grounding stone that is associated with purification and protection. It’s believed to help release negative energy and promote a sense of calm. Tourmaline Black is also said to provide physical grounding and help with sleep.

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1. Individual features such as color, texture and formation may vary slightly from product images. This is because each piece is a natural formation of Mother Earth.
2. Product size/dimensions are approximate.
3. Props used in the product images are not part of the product.

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