Pyrite Oval Shaped Silver Pendant

Introducing the Pyrite Oval Shaped Silver Pendant, a captivating piece that effortlessly combines elegance and style. Pyrite often called fool’s gold, helps in manifesting material abundance. It is beneficial for trauma and grief from abuse or loss of a loved one. It is a crystal of positive energy, and is very helpful in dealing with melancholy and thoughts of misfortune and despair. The Pyrite stone at the center of the pendant is known for its powerful healing properties, making it the perfect accessory for anyone looking to promote physical and emotional well-being.

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Product Details

Color: Greyish Metal Color

Shape: Oval

Length: Approx 1 – 1.5 inches



1. Individual features such as colour, texture and formation may vary slightly from product images. This is because each piece is a natural formation of Mother Earth.
2. Product size/dimensions are approximate.
3. Props used in the product images are not part of the product.
4. Small holes, and crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible as nature makes these.
5. The colours of the crystals will vary as they are unique in the world, the crystals shown are for reference only as these are natural items, please note that the colours of each item will vary.

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Weight 10 g
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