Golden Age

The end of our year 2012 marked the beginning of the Sat Yuga – the Age of Truth or the Golden Age. This video covers how you can prepare yourself – both inwardly and outwardly – for the great shifts in consciousness that will come.
Topics covered include:
The consciousness portals that will appear at the end of December 2012, 2018, and again before 2030.
What is really meant by the “three earths”: 3rd, 4th, and 5th density consciousness changes; Letting go of what no longer serves us; advances in consciousness; Physical body changes; Life in the ascended state; Going beyond common dramas and traumas
Outer changes to our economic, political, social, educational, healthcare, judicial, entertainment, and other systems
Popular false beliefs: 3 days of darkness, aliens evacuating the “evolved” souls, World War 3 and other doomsday scenarios.
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