Naadabrahma Devas Academy Meditation Workshop

There are many schools on the higher planes that help us to learn, gain knowledge, and expand our consciousness. The Devas Academy is a school where all the Saptarishis, Brahmarishis, Maharishis, Devarishis, Rajarishis, Saints, Masters, Archangels, Fairies, Devas come and impart knowledge as well as healing to all who access the academy. You may choose to visit the academy in your sleep state by simply requesting your Devas before you sleep to take you to the academy. It is a spiritual adventure with endless possibilities. You may consciously visit the academy in your meditation too.

The Naadbrahma Meditation Workshop scheduled for this Sunday the 19th is specially meant to help you to learn to access the Academy through the sound of music. Shivani, who works with the Devic Realm, will take you through very powerful step by step meditations to raise your awareness and receive the loving and unlimited nourishment from the Devic realm. Niraj with his beautiful voice and talent in playing the sounds of the singing bowls and the gong will enhance the entire experience.

Let us collectively experience the higher dimension of the Devas. The Devas welcome you all!

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