Naadbrahma – Uncovering the Shakti within

Shakti or Divine mother is simply the inwardly imagined MOVEMENT of the SAT principle we call AWARENESS that is the primal SOURCE of EVERYTHING!

The Devas had guided that the primary ‘Sadhana’ in the year 2019 was to uncover the Shakti- the divine unconditional love energy within. They said that all events at Devas Unlimited are strengthening the Shakti on the planet. Let us all bring about this shift by doing this sadhana individually as well as together in a unified manner. Here is your chance to play a big role in the Golden Age.

Let us understand the importance of the Naadbrahma session on Shakti. The human body irrespective of any gender is a combination of Shiva and shakti energies, often called as Yin and Yang aspects of existence. Shakti is the Kinetic force coiled around the potential energy of Shiva. When Shakti within is realized, experienced, and reclaimed – it impacts the human life in all the dimensions. This life force balances the issues with physical body, mental body, and the Soul. This energy mainly takes care of all the flows – be it be the flow of prana for a good health, flow of love in relationships with ourSelves and others, flow of abundance or the flow of Devi energy raising the kundalini giving the experience of ultimate Divine.

Music being the purest manifestation of mother Saraswathi’s Shakti is one of the easiest ways to experience the Adi Shakti within. There are Ragas with the Shakti aspect that create intense energies when invoked with Devic presence. Flow of certain notes in the ragas have power to raise the kundalini and bestow the experience of Atma tatva.

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