Advanced Spiritual Detoxification

The Advanced Detox is for those who have been through our three basic spiritual detox services. The Devas are now helping them experience higher states of bliss and purity. This service consists of two sessions.

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Benefits of the Advanced Spiritual Detoxification session?

In the first session of the Advanced Detoxification, you are taken through a very intense chakra tune up. This is with sounds of invoking different Gods and Goddesses for each chakra helping you to be attuned to the Goddess energy. This session lasts for an hour and twenty one minutes.

The second session helps you transform towards letting go of any body, mind and ego consciousness and identifying with the God Self. This session lasts for an hour and thirty minutes.

How long will these benefits last?

That depends on you. The benefits last longer in those who choose to live in love, joy, non-coveting, truth, forgiveness and gratitude. The best long term results occur in those who do not go back to old ways of negativity, damaging behavior and fearfulness. For maximum benefit we recommend one session a month for 3 months. With repeat sessions, your ability to take in more energy increases.


A spiritual detoxification session is not intended as a treatment for any physical or mental illness. Individuals with mental illness should take prior clearance from their psychiatrist. What you experience depends on your level of awareness.
Please follow the instructions for How do I prepare for a Deva session? prior to your Spiritual Detox.

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Payment Options

Payment Type Price
Within India (₹) INR 6000
International (US $) NA

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