Living Space Blessings

Do you dream of living in energetically loving, joyful and uplifting homes? Are you looking for calming office cubicles? Are you wishing to rent out, sell or buy a new property that ‘feels’ good?

Our living space blessings service does exactly this!

How does it work?

We assess the energy of your living space for its alignment with your vibrations. After an assessment, we suggest methods to bless, revitalize and uplift the vibration of living space. You will also receive guidance to personally be in a high energy/high vibration state

The space investigation is done remotely and suggestions for uplifting the energy are given via phone or Skype.

A heavenly space is a gift you can give yourself. Create your own safe haven by reaching out to us!

Service Details

Payment Options

Payment Type Price
Within India (₹) INR 2500
International (US $) USD 85

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