The ‘Sadhana’ classes are filled with the intensity of the penance done by the Rishis and the Tapasvis often leading you into states of Samadhi depending on your own perseverance. Many practices and techniques will be shared to help you to have one pointed focus helping you to release blocks or misconceptions about your own practices. The classes will give you the kind of clarity that the saints have for their spiritual growth.

In these classes, there will be an element of hand-holding until you stabilize and anchor yourself in the unlimited power of the source realizing that you are that.

These are a set of five classes, one per week.

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What are the Learning Outcomes?

In these classes you will learn techniques and meditations in the five focus areas of sadhana as identified by the tapasvis, rishis, saints and yogis. You can choose to do all 5 classes or select any one are that you feel you need to work on.

a) Sharing love – experiencing ‘Unity’
b) Controlling the monkey mind – experiencing ‘No’ mind
c) Reminding yourself that you are God – experiencing the ‘Truth’
d) Physical, Mental, Emotional well-being – experiencing ‘Completeness’
e) Intensifying Sadhana and Purification – experiencing ‘Divinity’

What is the Class Format for the 5 classes?

Classes are offered online via Skype and offline in Bangalore and Hyderabad. These classes consist of 3 sessions, each of duration 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each class is conducted after a gap of one week. The period of one week being given to practice the learnings from that week’s class.

What is the Class Format if I want to do classes on select topics?

Single classes are offered online via Skype and offline in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Class duration is 2 hours. If you need help to identify which class you should take, email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Am I Eligible for Participation?

You are eligible to enroll for the classes if you
– Have a strong urge and willingness to practice
– Are a vegetarian
– Are a non-smoker
– Are a teetotaler
– Are not indulging the senses


What you experience in these classes depends on your practice. The practitioners do not claim to be Gurus. They share in these classes what they have learnt and practiced over many years.

Service Details

Payment Options

Payment Type Price
Within India (₹) INR 10000 (INR 2000 per class)
International (US $) USD 450 (USD 90 per class)

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