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FAQs for Services

All of our sessions have different pricing. All of our sessions are charged based on the amount of time, energy, and effort required to complete them. Clients who live in India and those who live outside of India pay separate fees. This is done to maintain currency parity.

If you are taking a shower, place a handful of salt (preferably rock or sea salt) in a mug of water and pour it over your body.

If you are taking a bucket bath, mix a handful of rock salt or sea salt in the bucket and pour the saltwater over your body.

It is recommended that you should avoid eating nonvegetarian food at least two weeks before the session, you should avoid consuming non-vegetarian cuisine.

No, you will have to book an appointment for the session, and once the session is confirmed a payment link will be shared one day before the session date.

No, we do not schedule emergency sessions. You can request an appointment for the session through email or WhatsApp.

No, we do not provide any discounts on sessions but if any running discount is there during the festival seasons you can avail of the discount.

No, we do not conduct Akashic Records Reading sessions offline due to COVID restrictions.

Yes, there are some essential instructions you will have to follow before and after the session in order to benefit completely. The instructions will be shared when you register for the respective session.

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