Welcome to the World of the Crystal Devas!

Crystals are powerful healing instruments that come from Mother Earth. You can use them to heal and harmonize every area of your life. Filled with the power of love, crystals are not mere stones, but they are beings with a very high consciousness. When you wear them or use them, they uplift your consciousness and remind you of your truth. And we lovingly call them the Crystal Devas!
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How to Connect with the Crystal Devas

In our experience, crystal are beings with a high consciousness and they serve as excellent guides and friends on your journey. Learn how to connect with your crystal Devas!

Love Rocks Crystal Shop Now on Swiggy Minis!

After months of settling into what perhaps felt like a never-ending lockdown from the pandemic, there is hope as people gear up for unlocking 2.0! …

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Message from the Devas

Enjoy Infinite Abundance

Enjoy Infinite Abundance Everything that you need for your Divine life purpose is continuously offered to you. What would you like to have more of? …

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Stepping Stone Practice

Maintain Ananda and Gratitude

Maintain Ananda & Gratitude All of us are buffeted about by unwanted thoughts, vasanas (tendencies), and vrittis (disturbances of the mind). One easy way to …

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