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Special Devic Healing Package is an offering of 5 Classes from 4 different services from Devas Unlimited.

We will go through the following classes in the package –
1) Special Devic Healing Class
2) Meet Your Mahadoots
3) Devic Chakra Healing
4) Naadbramha Healing Session – 1st Session
5) Naadbramha Healing Session – 2nd Session

The Special Devic Healing Class – The Devas are very keen to help people to release blocks that keep them from connecting with the divine realm. They are eagerly waiting to be called for help. They say that the two main blocks are trauma from abuse and unforgiveness. This class focuses on techniques to heal these two aspects.

Meet Your Mahadoots –  The Mahadoots are unlimited beings, specially appointed by God to help humanity through their lives on Earth. They are aware of your journey and struggles through several lifetimes, and the current one too: including your thoughts, feelings, and deepest instincts. They are constantly watching over to protect, guide, and lead you onto the path of love and peace in countless ways in your daily life!

‘Meet your Mahadoot’ service is all about helping you connect with your favorite Mahadoots and learn about their specialties, characteristics, personalities, and energies! Through these sessions, you will also learn to pay attention to and trust the signs and messages you receive, so often, from your Archangels.

During a session, you will connect one-on-one with a Mahadoot of your choice. You may be drawn to meet this Mahadoot based on his/her attributes and specialization – relevant to an issue at this point in your life – or simply because you’re ready now.

Devic Chakra Healing – As you maneuver through life, the highs and lows have an impact on your body and mind, inevitably affecting the energy flow in each Chakra due to blocks, and causing an overall imbalance. This leads to implications like prolonged health issues, frequent anxieties, stress-causing situations, lack of peace, and above all takes you further away from the awareness of your real Self as Supreme Consciousness!

The Devic Chakra Healing contains 3 parts –
Part 1 – In the first part, the 51 Matrikas (various forms of Devi, the Divine Feminine, manifested as sacred sounds) associated with each of the Chakras will be recited to invoke the Primordial Shakti in You.
Part 2 – The second part will focus on awakening the Shakti (Primordial Power) within your Heart, in order to invoke the Devi (Supreme Goddess) in You! Recalibrating to the energy of the Goddess.
Part 3 – The third part is all about worshiping the Supreme Feminine Energy manifest in Her various forms, within You! This is followed by finally invoking in You the Divine Goddess in Her full glory, and You worshiped as the Goddess Yourself!

Naadbramha Healing Session – Naadbramha classes will be a combination of meditation and devotional singing. Music in itself is meditative in nature and helps you develop one-pointed focus, and disappear into something bigger, into nothingness. We hope that the Naadbramha session will create a kind of spiritual discipline that will raise your inner being to peace, bliss and stillness, where you taste the essence of the Divinity that music and meditation reflect.

There will be 2 x Naadbramha Sessions

Service Details

Duration: In-continuation over period of months
Delivery Mode: Online

Service Details

Duration: In-continuation over period of months
Delivery Mode: Online
Payment TypePrice
Within India (₹)INR 11,900
International (US $)USD 429

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