Stop Projecting Name and Form

Stop Projecting Name and Form
May 26, 2020 Devas Unlimited
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Stop Projecting Name and Form

Most of us suffer from the ‘dis-ease’ of “I am the body” consciousness. ⁣

We cling to the ideas of “I am the body”, “I am this personality”, “I am my feelings and my thoughts”, “I am the sum total of all my memories”… and so on. Look closely – the words themselves express that this “I” is something else, separate from the body, feelings, mind, ideas, and personality!⁣

The mind (ego) is like a camera incessantly capturing images (world) through the Lens (senses) and projecting (thoughts, feelings, desires) onto the Screen (God/Atma/the real You). However, the screen is like a witness, merely superimposed by projections – never effected! Yet, you in the mind believe this lie of Maya, of delusion, just because it appears ‘real’ to the senses!⁣

The only way to cure this ‘dis-ease’ of “I am the body” concept, is to completely stop projecting name and form and switch off the constant thought and desire barrage of the camera (mind)! Then, only God/Atma/the real You will be experienced, just like the empty, white screen!⁣
– (As shared by Lightstorm (Kalassu & Johnima Wintergate))

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