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I have personally gained and healed so much after meeting up with the angels Shivani and Dr Srikanth, the journey has been consistent (if I may say) and so many blocks have been cleared with their guidance and assistance.
Harini R
This is a group of sincere seekers of the ultimate truth and all the programs are designed to make us Self-reliant and independent. It takes us back to the truth of oneness. I will recommend this group to any seeker who is ready to walk the final journey.
Prasanna Kankanala
No exaggeration here. The most genuine and closest to Swami guidance received; authentic. The speakers have been closest to Swami and have clairvoyance and altruism. They have personally experienced what they advised us. They were egoless. It is rare to find such sadhana elsewhere- such as Mahavidyas etc- the most ancient way of life.
Samyukta Emani
The session was very great and uplifting.. Felt joy and lot of smiles.. Music was extraordinary. especially the flute music and the crystal bowl meditation was stirring emotions. The opening music was feeling like an elevating sensation. And also the chakra meditation was nice.
Samyukta Emani
I am very thankful to Devas Unlimited Team for this opportunity, and to Swamy for giving this opportunity. The Nyasas by sister Shaguna, the amazing Divine music and Voice of brother Niraj and the guided meditation by Sister Shivani with the powerful affirmations has to be experienced to understand, no words can explain the bliss, the energies I felt and how I have improved in my own Sadhana. Very fortunate to get this opportunity. Heartfelt gratitude to the DU team. All this was done with so much love by the DU team, truly amazing.
Subha Nistala
Sairam Devas unlimited team, you really make our sojourn on Earth much more meaningful and worthy. Thank you for accepting us as we are and allowing us to enter the hallowed portals of the academy. I am really thrilled at the same time feel the need to dive deeper. Thank you πŸ™
Priyanka Menon
Bangalore, India
Sai Ram DU team A very special thank you from the heart for such a wonderful wonderful session ! Words cannot express the experience πŸ’œπŸ™ Immense gratitude to all of you .
Bhooma Krishnan
Sairam. Words cannot express the beauty of the Advanced session- Advanced indeed it was. Transported us to another level completely. Thanks Devas team for organizing such an amazing session. Gratitude to you all...Shivani, Shaguna, Neeraj and Nagendra.
Rachna Kumria
I greatly appreciate the DU for making the crystal devas reachable to the clients and also giving constant guidance on how to use these crystal so that it helps to faster the spiritual process. Much Love and gratitude to Devas unlimited πŸ™ β™₯️ .
Hema Mullaguru
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