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Our services are designed as per the guidance of the Devas. They facilitate personal & spiritual transformation, pointing you towards the truth.


Crystals are powerful healing instruments that heal and uplift every area of your life be it physical, emotional, spiritual & mental.


Our talks are aimed providing you the motivation for spiritual practice. We share through our talks what we have learned from our own spiritual practice.

Devas are Divine beings, filled with the radiance of God’s unconditional love. All of us have guardian Devas (Sanskrit for angels) and Devic guides who have been assigned by God to guide, protect, and nurture us. Our Devas are eager to help us fill our lives with greater joy, peace and abundance. Yet, they cannot help us unless we ask.

Our Clients' Stories

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4 Crystals to build emotional & mental immunity during the Unlocking

After months of settling into what perhaps felt like a never-ending lockdown from the pandemic, there is hope as people gear up …

Enjoy Infinite Abundance

Enjoy Infinite …

Maintain Ananda and Gratitude

Maintain Ananda …

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