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Transform and change the way you perceive and experience your life! Pave the way for a life of love, light, and fulfilment with any of our services, retreats, and workshops


Expand your awareness! Heal and uplift every area of your life with our powerful Crystal DEVAS!

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Practice Time! Find videos and audios to support your sadhana/spiritual practice and spiritual knowledge.

Are you content with the time, energy, and effort you spend in things that truly add to your inner happiness & joy, peace, love, and fulfillment? Well, if you wish to invest more time in your inner wellbeing, then you might have just come to the right place!
Our services and products aim at personal and spiritual transformation, at inner wellbeing, through divine guidance from the Devic and Ascended Master realms.

Who are the Devas?
Devas are Divine beings, filled with the radiance of God’s unconditional love. All of us have guardian Devas (Sanskrit for angels) and Devic guides who have been assigned by God to guide, protect, and nurture us. Devas are eager to help us fill our lives with greater joy, peace, love, and abundance. We only have to ask!

What's New

Devic Makeover Session

Devic Makeover Session The Restoration Session helps restore our original Divine splendor. Each of us are, in the highest sense, a direct emanation from God. However, we lose our original Divine splendor as we go deeper …


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