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Akashic Records Reading with Dr Srikanth Sols....

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a special collection in which every detail of your current and all of your previous lives are stored. Reading your Akashic Records can help you understand what lessons or karma are still in play in your current life. In our experience of reading Akashic Records over the last 2 decades, they are 100% accurate.

The records exist in a non-physical form, and require a certain refinement in consciousness to access. However, one very easy way to access these records is through the Library of Akashic Records situated in the Devas Unlimited Academy.

Service Details

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Delivery Mode: Online & In Person
What Can You Expect In An Akashic Record Reading Session?

During an Akashic Record Reading session, Dr. Sola will take you through a guided meditation in which together you visit the library of Akashic Records at the Devas Unlimited Academy. Devas (angels) who specialize in the Akashic Records will show you the highlights of your records, typically spanning anywhere from several hundred thousand to a million births.

From this, you will learn:

♦ What are the lessons or issues that are still at play in your current life? How have you handled these issues in the past? What worked, and what didn’t?

♦ How can you resolve these lessons quickly and painlessly now, so that they don’t continue repeating themselves in future births?

♦ What was the span of human experience you enjoyed across your many births?

♦ How much karma – and what type – do you have left? The Devas will typically suggest ways to cancel it so your karmic balance is zeroed.

Each Akashic Record Reading is unique and as varied as the individuals who come for a reading. The Devas will not share any sensitive or private information from your current birth without your permission.

Service Details

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Delivery Mode: Online & In Person
Payment TypePrice
Within India (₹)INR 7000
International (US $)USD 210
Pre-Requisites For The Session
  1. An Akashic Records session is an advanced session, intended for seekers who are firmly on a spiritual path. At the beginning of the session, Dr Sola will ask you what sadhana (spiritual practices) you are currently doing. You are expected to be prepared with that.
  2. Minimum age to take this session is 18 years.
  3. We do not associate with certain phenomena as that occurring in Muddenahalli, Kangra, or similar places. Hence, Dr. Sola does not do sessions for those associating with such phenomena. There are no exceptions to this policy.

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