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Naada Detox amalgamates, the power of multidimensional sound frequencies with gong & sound bowls, chanting of beejaksharas, Anaahat Naada, Vocals, Healing Raagas with Immersive Meditation, focusing to fill you with the energies of one of the seven major rays that flood the planet from Creator Source on that day.

All energies of the seven rays flood the planet daily, but each day of the week, one of the rays becomes predominant.

Working with the seven rays in this manner will assist you, in a most profound way to –
– Assist you in the release of Fear & Guilt
– Help in the cleansing of Auras
– To balance the energies of the seven rays in each one of your chakras

You can choose any of the following Day or Days, for yourself.
The Days are number from 1 to 7.
You can also choose all the 7 Days.

Day 1 – Shakti Vishrambha
The First Ray: The Flame of Will of God
Main God qualities and actions of the First Ray: Omnipotence, Protection, Faith, The Will of God
Corresponding Chakra: Throat
Color: Blue
Corresponding stones: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Peacock stones, Blue-lace Agate
Day when is amplified: Monday
Archangels of the First Ray with Divine Complement: Michael and Faith

The first energy ray brings to you the greetings of God’s Will whose spiritual credo is “I Will.” One of the most powerful avenues by which thoughts and feelings become manifested things is through the right use of the throat chakra, the power center for the spoken word.
This is done through the right use of affirmations, fiats, decrees, and various forms of prayer offered to your mighty I AM Presence directly from your heart in connection with your throat center.

Day 2 – Shakti Anujawalan 
The Second Ray: The Flame of Illumination and Wisdom
Main God qualities and actions of the Second Ray: Illumination, wisdom, omniscience, understanding through love, perception, comprehension, precipitation, discrimination, and activation of the Mind of God.
Day when is amplified: Sunday
Corresponding Chakra: Crown
Color: Yellow
Corresponding Stones: Tiger’s Eye, Golden Topaz
Archangels of the Second Ray with Divine Complement: Jophiel and Christine

The Second Ray is that of illumination, perception, comprehension, and education. It is the ray of The Seven Sacred Flames directing intelligence, discrimination, discretion, and the direction in the use of one’s life. The Ray of Illumination represents God-wisdom, true knowledge, and enlightenment in all its various facets.

The Illumination Ray is connected with the crown chakra known as the thousand petal lotus flame. As you invoke the Illumination Ray in your crown, a thousand petals of your crown chakra start the process of being illuminated again, by expanding more your potential of reconnection with the true Mind of God, which has been lying dormant within you for thousands of years.

Day 3 – Shakti Sarvagatvam
The Third Ray: Unconditional Love, omnipresence, compassion, charity, also initiations of the Heart Chakra.
Day when is amplified: Tuesday
Corresponding Chakra: Heart
Color: Pink
Corresponding Stones: Rose Quartz, Ruby
Archangels of the Third Ray with Divine Complement: Chamuel and Charity

The Third Ray is connected to the heart chakra, magnifying the Love of the divine and human Self. Love’s divine qualities are, among many others, omnipresence, compassion, mercy, charity, and the desire to be God in action through the love of the Supreme God.
For those who have perfected the fires of love, fear can no longer exist. Your higher Self has the ability to transform, instantly, huge amounts of human negativity into pure Love and Light.

Day 4 – Shakti Sattva 
The Fourth Ray: Purity, wholeness, God-consciousness, and becoming God through the consciousness of the Divine Mother.
Day when is amplified: Friday
Corresponding Chakra: Base of the Spine
Color: White
Corresponding Stones: Azurite, Snow quartz
Archangels of the Fourth Ray with Divine Complement: Gabriel and Hope

This Flame contains the frequency and color of all the other Flames. You see or experience it as a brilliant, luminous, white dazzling Light that consumes on contact all that is less than the perfection of Love. Its power and brilliance are limitless, sustaining worlds in perfect harmony and beauty.
It will propel you into the final step when the fires of that Love will consume all human limitations, your full consciousness will be restored and all your bodies will align and unite.

Day 5 – Shakti Rogya Nivaaran
The Fifth Ray: Healing at all levels, truth, constancy, creation through manifestation, a shower of God’s abundance
Day when is amplified: Wednesday
Corresponding Chakra: Third Eye
Color: Green
Corresponding Stones: Emerald, Jade, Chrysoprase, Ruby Zozyte.
Archangels of the Fifth Ray with Divine Complement: Raphael and Mother Mary

Everyone in human form has at its service a “body elemental” of great intelligence that animates and controls the mechanism of their physical body. From time to time, it becomes antagonistic toward the form it is assigned to when there is abuse and no love for the body or gratitude towards the body elemental for the dedicated and faithful service it renders.

Day 6 – Shakti Anuraaga
The Sixth Ray: Love of God, selfless service of mankind, devotion to one’s fellowmen, spiritual worship through devotion.
Day when is amplified: Thursday
Corresponding Chakra: Solar Plexus
Color: Purple and Gold
Corresponding Stones: Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Calcite.
Archangels of the Sixth Ray with Divine Complement: Uriel and Aurora

The radiation of this flame has an affinity to their own and their potential expression of divinity. Here, the visitors are charged with renewed hope and spiritual vitality; they are made consciously aware of the truth of “life everlasting” and the miraculous potentials that the Resurrection Flame can generate within those who invoke it.

The purpose of this focus is to continue to pour into all levels of human consciousness, emotional, mental, physical and etheric, and all the evolutions that belong to this planet, the reality of the powers of the Resurrection Flame.

Day 7 – Shakti Parinati
The Seventh Flame: Freedom, Transformation, Ceremony and Application of the Science of true Alchemy
Day when is amplified: Saturday
Corresponding Chakra: Seat of the Soul
Color: Violet
Corresponding stones: Amethyst, Violet Fluorite
Archangels of the Seventh Ray with Divine Complement: Zadkiel and Amethyst

The Violet Flame can dissolve karma, once you have a full understanding of the experiences lived and the energy patterns created. With its energies, you can also create wondrous beauty because it is composed of power and love frequencies. Also included in the Violet Ray activity is the Flame of forgiveness and compassion, which are needed to create harmony and manifestation in your life. This is total freedom, not just freedom from one thing. The Violet Flame is a vital tool for your spiritual progress and evolution.

Service Details

Duration: 30 Minutes for 1 Session
Delivery Mode: Online

Service Details

Duration: 30 Minutes for 1 Session
Delivery Mode: Online
Payment TypePrice
Within India (₹)INR 2700
International (US $)USD 55

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