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Atmic Tejas Booster (Soul Radiance Booster)

Experience the full effulgence of the Antahkarna (soul) through our atmic tejas or soul radiance booster sessions. These sessions help magnify the radiance of your soul and consciousness through the use of crystals, high vibration unwinding sounds, and light.

We offer a number of tejas booster sessions, each with a different essence! Read on to know more about each of these booster sessions.

Service Details

Delivery Mode: In Person
1. Nothingness Booster

The ‘Nothingness Booster’ session takes you into a space of ‘shoonya’ (nothingness), of non-duality, where there is no conflict, only absolute centeredness. Gently purifying and elevating, the sounds used in this session are loving, enigmatic, mysterious, pleasantly visceral and transporting.

Service Details

Delivery Mode: In Person
Payment TypePrice
Within India (₹)INR 4000
International (US $)USD NA
2. Pure Bliss Booster

The ‘Pure Bliss Booster’ bestows supreme joy or Brahmanandam. It serves as a soothing balm for weary souls seeking to go upward against the torrents. Nourishing your body, mind, and soul, the sounds used in this session are elevating, transformational, enigmatic, and mysterious. They shift your awareness to the right brain, where creative thought and deep insight occur.

3. Deep Awareness Booster

The deep awareness booster facilitates exploration of the extraordinary inner states of awareness and other realms of consciousness. It enables the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda. If you allow, this session can essentially serve as a vehicle to explore inner realities.

4. Intuition Booster

For most people, contact with the ‘Absoulte’ usually takes place through meditations, dreams, contemplation, and/or visions. The Intuition booster session opens up your channels of perception and fine tunes your intuition. At the end of this session, you may find yourself refreshed and renewed.

5. Solution Planes Booster

Solution Planes are dimensions of consciousness where resolutions and answers you seek already exist. In this session, you have access to these planes and it supports learning without anxiety while increasing motivation and retention. In the physical dimension, it translates as increased productivity in the work environment and simultaneously decreases stress.

6. Self Potential Booster

The Self is infinite and its potential is unlimited. The Self Potential Booster session allows you to use this unlimited potential translating into significantly improving analytical abilities, creative problem solving, learning, insight, and increase in visualization abilities, at the physical level.

7. Healers Magic Booster

All humans have the ability to heal themselves. The Healers’ Magic Booster is aimed at “self-healing” and it helps you explore the body/mind connection to your natural self-healing abilities.

Note: This session is not a substitute for medical treatment.

8. Blueprint Restoration Booster

Being in sync with your Divine blueprint helps you operate from your true Self. However, the human experience can be draining and can take you away from this divine design. The Restoration Booster session imparts restorative energies to different levels of your being and allowing the Divine blueprint to prevail. It is especially beneficial when you feel depleted or over extended.

9. Kundalini Energy Booster

“Kundalini in Sanskrit, literally means “coiled”. In Indian yoga, a “corporeal energy” – an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, envisioned either as a goddess or else as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine, hence a number of English renderings of the term such as ‘serpent power’

Kundalini is considered a part of the subtle body along with chakras (energy centres) and nadis (channels). There are 33 rings in the spinal column, and located between the 9th and 12th rings is the Sushumna nadi or a vital passage. If the sitting posture is erect, Kundalini Shakti or energy of consciousness whose base is at the bottom can flow easily and directly to the top reaching its destination Sahasrara, often described as a lotus with a thousand petals.” -Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Kundalini Shakti is conceived as a Goddess in the Indian tradition. She is the primal force of consciousness and her ascent up the sushumna leads to spiritual illumination and enlightenment.

In this session, Kundalini energy is allowed to move according to its own innate intelligence. As result, this primal force moves through the body with greater ease and greater potency. This allows a richer, more profound and more gracious transformation.”

Note: This session is administered only with the permission of the Devas, based on one’s sadhana and ability to channelize and capacity to experience the Kundalini energy.

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