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Who is a Mahadoot?

There are many orders of Devas/Angels in God’s team of heavenly support. The word Mahadoot translates to Archangel – considered to be the chief messengers of God. Mahadoots are created in His Divine image, and appointed for the monumental task of overseeing life on Earth!

Service Details

Duration: 45 Minutes
Delivery Mode: Online
Power of the Mahadoots!

The Mahadoots/Archangels are immensely powerful celestial beings, who manage life on Earth including the creation and facilitation of soul contracts, life paths, spiritual development, maintaining order in the natural world, and much more.

Each Mahadoot has a specialty, an area of expertise, to assist prayers directly through the gifts bestowed upon them by God to serve His will of Love and Peace. They are extensions of God’s infinite love, easily heard, and felt during times of great need. Their vibrations are palpable and even tangible, reminding us of God Himself!

The Mahadoots never tire, and can be present in more than one place at a time! They work with people of all different beliefs and paths; basically, whoever calls upon God, or them, for help.

Service Details

Duration: 45 Minutes
Delivery Mode: Online
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Within India (₹)INR 2500
International (US $)USD 85
How do Mahadoots assist in my daily life?

The Mahadoots are unlimited beings, specially appointed by God to help humanity through their lives on Earth. They are aware of your journey and struggles through several lifetimes, and the current one too: including your thoughts, feelings, and deepest instincts. They are constantly watching over to protect, guide, and lead you onto the path of love and peace in countless ways in your daily life!

It is inevitable, in life, that along with joys and pleasures one also experiences stress, pain, sorrow, and many disappointments. Yet, deep down, one truly seeks to emerge in peace, love, and oneness with God. The Mahadoots are precisely there to support you in every way you need. You don’t have to be specially qualified to call upon them. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive it!

You may ask the Mahadoots to help you uplift your thoughts, fill you with gratitude, surround you and your loved ones with God’s unconditional love, heal, inspire ideas, bring perfect opportunities, assurance, protection, and so much more!

The only key here is that the Mahadoots will never violate your free will and intervene without your permission. Therefore, a prayer, a cry for help, a wish, a visualization, an affirmation, or even simply a thought is enough to grant them permission to help. And they always know exactly what you need! The more you connect with them, the more their guidance becomes a natural part of your daily life.

About ‘Meet your Mahadoot’ Service!

‘Meet your Mahadoot’ service is all about helping you connect with your favorite Mahadoots and learn about their specialties, characteristics, personalities, and energies! Through these sessions, you will also learn to pay attention to and trust the signs and messages you receive, so often, from your Archangels.

During a session, you will connect one-on-one with a Mahadoot of your choice. You may be drawn to meet this Mahadoot based on his/her attributes and specialization – relevant to an issue at this point in your life – or simply because you’re ready now.

Please note – This service is offered online!

Here’s a list of 18 Mahadoots you can Meet!

No.Mahadoot (Archangel)Specialties of the Archangel (Mahadoot)
1JophielBeautifies and uplifts your thoughts and feelings, and clears clutter from your life.
2GabrielAssists in nurturing your Inner Child, and also helps with all aspects of parenting, including conception, adoption and birth.
3UrielAssists intellectual understanding, conversations, ideas, insights, and epiphanies, studying, writing, and speaking.
4ChamuelHeals anxieties, and brings universal and personal peace
5MichaelBrings protection, courage, confidence, safety, and also helps with fixing mechanical and electronic items.
6RaphaelHeals physical illnesses and guides healers
7MetatronWorks with Universal energies, Sacred Geometry and Esoteric healing.
8ZadkielHelps you nurture a crystal sharp memory, and also to remember your Divine Origin and mission.
9HanielHeals Memory and Mental functioning.
10ArielHelps connect with Nature – animals, and environment – and also heals them.
11RazielHeals spiritual blocks, unlocks mysteries of dreams and past lives
12SandalphonHeals aggressive tendencies, helps to reach the depths of your soul
13JeremielHelps with heart and emotions, let go of old toxic anger, tension, bitterness.
14RaguelHelps to harmonize relationships
15AzraelHeals grief, and helps heal the heart from old residues.
16SarakielIs with us on Judgement Day
17SeraphielHelps us to stay focused upon our prayers, so that we pray from the heart.
18HallielHelps us with our Karma


You may choose to connect with one or more Mahadoots. One session will be dedicated to meet one Mahadoot only.

Payment Options India

If you reside in India payment can be made via online bank transfer. Bank details will be sent to you a few days prior to the session

Outside India

If you reside outside of India payment can be made through a PayPal link that will be sent to you a few days before the session

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