Take your Life Higher with the Devas

Devic/Angelic Guidance

Services to seek guidance from and to connect with the Devas/Angels for healing, transformation, and growth leading you to your inner wellbeing

Meet your Mahadoots (online)

Who is a Mahadoot? There are many orders of Devas/Angels in God’s team of heavenly support. The word Mahadoot translates to Archangel …

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Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading with Dr Srikanth Sola What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are a special collection in which every …

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Devas Academy Session

Devas Academy Session In these sessions, our practitioners help you to raise your awareness and visit the Academy. The experience at the …

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Deva Session

Deva Session A Deva session is a channeled meeting with your Devas, in which you will have the opportunity to experience the …

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Deva Session for Children

Many, many beautiful souls have recently incarnated and will help propel the Golden Age forward. Like a Deva session for adults, a Deva …

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Guidance for Parents To Be

Devic Guidance for Parents to be Many, many beautiful souls are waiting to be born into the right family – families that …

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Practice Seeing Who You Truly Are

Spiritual Practice

Classes to learn how to connect with the Devas, to deal with emotional and mental baggage, to learn various aspects of sadhana, and base your sadhana in Hindustani classical music.

Divine Guidance Classes

Divine Guidance Classes Divine Guidance is the unlimited flow of God’s love, wisdom, and healing. God and His team of Devas welcome your continual requests …

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Naad Sadhana

With the blessings of the Devas, we are delighted to launch the Devas Music Academy. The purpose of this academy is to explore music and dance as …

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Cutting The Ties That Bind

Cutting the Ties that Bind Classes We are all bound by invisible chains that bind us, block us and keep us from being who we …

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Sadhana Classes

The ‘Sadhana’ classes are filled with the intensity of the penance done by the Rishis and the Tapasvis often leading you into states of Samadhi …

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Ignite Your Inner Powerhouse

Energy Cleansing and Healing

Services to detoxify the aura of heavy and toxic energies, to boost inner radiance and bring back lost parts of the soul.

Devic Chakra Healing

Why Chakra Healing? As you maneuver through life, the highs and lows have an impact on your body and mind, inevitably affecting the energy flow …

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Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detoxification Many of us carry old and negative patterns of thinking, unwanted emotional and mental baggage that keep us from realizing our divine nature. …

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Advanced Spiritual Detox

Advanced Spiritual Detoxification The Advanced Detox is for those who have been through our three basic spiritual detox services. The Devas are now helping them …

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Atmic Tejas Booster

Atmic Tejas Booster (Soul Radiance Booster) Experience the full effulgence of the Antahkarna (soul) through our atmic tejas or soul radiance booster sessions. These sessions help …

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Special Devic Healing Class

Special Devic Healing Classes The Devas are very keen to help people to release blocks that keep them from connecting with the divine realm. They …

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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval with Ruth Harris During times of trauma, fear, or abuse, a part of us – a part of our soul – may leave …

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Purify Your Living Spaces

Spaces Cleansing

Services to detoxify and sanctify living spaces (homes, offices, land) of heavy energies and thought forms and make them positive abodes for dwelling.

Living Space Blessings

Living Space Blessings Do you dream of living in energetically loving, joyful and uplifting homes? Are you looking for calming office cubicles? Are you wishing …

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Home Clearings

House Clearing A clearing removes all disharmonious energy from a property and energize the premises so that it becomes a blessing for all who live …

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