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Spiritual Detoxification

Many of us carry old and negative patterns of thinking, unwanted emotional and mental baggage that keep us from realizing our divine nature. These unwanted patterns sabotage our relationships, limit our success in work, and hamper our spiritual growth. In extreme cases, they may manifest as physical ailments and diseases.

With the guidance from the Devas, we have developed a powerful method for spiritual detoxification. We use specially charged crystals, light, and healing sound of the Archangels to cleanse and charge each chakra and the entire aura. Each crystal is charged and programmed for purification and raising consciousness. Specially designed energy devices amplify the energy created by the crystals and enhance the detoxification.

Service Details

Duration: 40 Minutes
Delivery Mode: In Person
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What Happens During A Spiritual Detoxification Session?

Each detoxification session lasts for about 40 minutes. The client lies on a specially prepared bed and crystal lamps are positioned over each main chakra and activated. An Archangel code (sound) is played to attune the client to the vibration of a particular Archangel based on what they need. The amplification devices are placed around the client creating a very powerful energy field.

Service Details

Duration: 40 Minutes
Delivery Mode: In Person
Payment TypePrice
Within India (₹)INR 3000
International (US $)USD NA

What Will I Feel?

During the session many people report a feeling of negativity being pulled out of their body. Many people actually see black energy forms leaving their body followed by a sense of relief and lightness. Others feel large amounts of energy enter their body as the crystals open up and harmonize the chakras. What you experience depends on your current level of consciousness.

What Are The Benefits?

The most important effect is expanded consciousness. Many people go into a state of absolute silence. Others experience supreme bliss. The chakras become open and balanced. The aura is cleansed and typically extends 8-15 feet from the persons physical body as compared to 1-2 feet normally. Most people feel more energetic, calm and happy after the session. The overall effect is a boost in your spiritual awareness.

How Long Will These Benefits Last?

That depends on you. The benefits last longer in those who choose to live in love, joy, non-coveting, truth, forgiveness and gratitude. The best long term results occur in those who do not go back to old ways of negativity, damaging behavior and fearfulness. For maximum benefit, the frequency of the session is decided based on the person’s ability to take the energy. With repeat sessions, your ability to take in more energy increases.


A spiritual detoxification session is not intended as a treatment for any physical or mental illness. Individuals with mental illness should take prior clearance from their psychiatrist. What you experience depends on your level of awareness.

Please follow the instructions for How do I prepare for a Deva session? prior to your Spiritual Detox.

Payment Options India

If you reside in India payment can be made Via online bank transfer. Bank details will be sent to you a few days prior to the session

Outside India

If you reside outside of India payment can be made through a PayPal link that will be sent to you a few days before the session

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