Special Devic Healing Class duadmin April 13, 2024
Special Devic Healing Classes

The Devas are very keen to help people to release blocks that keep them from connecting with the divine realm. They are eagerly waiting to be called for help. They say that the two main blocks are trauma from abuse and unforgiveness. This class focuses on techniques to heal these two aspects.

The class duration is about 45 minutes.

Service Details

Duration: 45 Minutes Per Session
Delivery Mode: Online
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What Will I Learn From The Class?

  • To consciously let go of the traumas with the help of the Archangels.
  • To receive Devic help to release limiting beliefs and blocks.
  • To clear contracts with people or groups of people that no longer serve you.
  • To practice forgiveness towards yourself and others.
  • To access the Devas Academy and be healed.

Service Details

Duration: 45 Minutes Per Session
Delivery Mode: Online
Payment TypePrice
Within India (₹)INR 2900 per session
International (US $)USD 99 per session

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