Devic Chakra Healing

Why Chakra Healing?

As you maneuver through life, the highs and lows have an impact on your body and mind, inevitably affecting the energy flow in each Chakra due to blocks, and causes an overall imbalance. This leads to implications like prolonged health issues, frequent anxieties, stress-causing situations, lack of peace, and above all takes you further away from the awareness of your real Self as Supreme Consciousness!

Each chakra is a center of Consciousness, like a vortex of energy, passing through the very core of your being along a central channel (Nadi) which keeps this life force flowing and balanced throughout your being. The unique energy of each Chakra is distinctly associated with various aspects of the physical, functional, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual – all within you!

Based in the principle that the Supreme Absolute (Para Brahman) exists in You (Jivtama) in the form of Shabdha Brahman (the Absolute as Sound), the Chakra Healing session phenomenally purifies each of the 7 Chakras at an elemental level through powerful Beejaksharas (the divine manifested as sacred sounds/notes) associated with a particular Chakra.

What does the Chakra Healing entail?

The Chakra Healing session has three parts:

Part I

In the first part, the 51 Matrikas (various forms of Devi, the Divine Feminine, manifested as sacred sounds) associated with each of the Chakras will be recited to invoke the Primordial Shakti in You.

Next, the Kalas (divine aspects) of the various God forms associated with the Chakras are invoked – namely Agni kalas, Surya kalas, Chandra kalas, Brahma kalas, Vishnu kalas, Rudra kalas, Ishwara kalas, and Sada Shiva kalas. This is followed by the invocation of the Gods themselves, in You!

Finally, mahavakyas are chanted to reaffirm the Kundalini energy that You are a God/Goddess!

Part II

The second part will focus on awakening the Shakti (Primordial Power) within your Heart, in order to invoke the Devi (Supreme Goddess) in You! Recalibrating to the energy of the Goddess.

Part III

The third part is all about worshiping the Supreme Feminine Energy manifest in Her various forms, within You! This is followed by finally invoking in You the Divine Goddess in Her full glory, and You worshiped as the Goddess Yourself!

This session is based on the Kalavahana from the SriVidya tradition.

What are you waiting for?

Come, dear Atma Self, rejuvenate in the true awareness of the Divine Consciousness you eternally are!

Service Details

All services are by appointment only.

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